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What is the BEST Stroller for 2014?

Best Stroller

The MyCuriousPlanet Best Stroller award goes to to City Mini by Baby Jogger!

Baby gear… it’s an exciting but daunting part of having a child, especially if it’s your first child.  Picking out baby gear can take hours and hours of research and comparison shopping.  There are so many brands, features and pros and cons to consider, choosing something as simple as the best baby stroller can really make your head spin!

Our house went crazy trying to find the best stroller for our needs.  We wanted something light-weight, reasonably priced, comfortable, easy-to-navigate and that was great for traveling with kids.  What fits all of these requirements?  What should we look for?  Which other features are important?  We literally went through more than 6 strollers (luckily most were borrowed from friends) before we found the one that we considered ‘perfect’.

So, what the did best stroller turn out to be?  The City Mini by Baby Jogger.  I’m not sure words can describe how much we loved this reasonably priced, super stroller… but I’m gonna try! lol  We feel it fit all of our unique needs and would be a great stroller for any family!

Brief – The City Mini by Baby Jogger is a popular baby stroller and is available at many baby supply stores like Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.  It is safe, offers one of the best full coverage sunshades available, has great reviews, is light weight, has an easy one foot breaking system, is stylish and best of all… has patented one-hand quick fold technology that seals the deal.  Everyone in our house agrees that this quick fold detail puts the City Mini in #1 spot, above any other stroller we’ve come across.  Unlike other  ‘one-hand folds’, the City Mini by Baby Jogger has a simple strap in the seat of the stroller that truly is very fast and only requires one hand.  It makes putting it in your car, taking it on air planes and storing it a breeze.  All of these things went in to making it our favorite and best stroller

best stroller

The patented one-hand quick feature!

Price – When we first got our City Mini (yes, we’ve had 2, I’ll explain below – lol), the price rang in at $250.  Luckily, the model has been out for a while now so you can currently get them brand new for as low as $175 (as of March 2014)!  Worth. Every. Penny.  The City Mini is a high end stroller that doesn’t cost $800!

Pros – EVERYTHING!  Ok, ok… we love everything mentioned above but the best features are the amazing coverage of the sunshade, the easy one-foot breaking system, and the patented one-hand quick fold.  Oh, and the stroller rides like a dream.  I can easily steer it with one hand and it handles terrain that isn’t paved quite well.

Cons – If you’re on a tight budget, the starting price of $175 may seem a little steep.  In that case, I’d recommend going the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ route and buying a pre-loved model from a resell baby store or Craigslist.  These stroller are sturdy enough that they’ll last years and through many babies so it’s a great investment.

Ultimate Verdict – For the money, the City Mini by Baby Jogger is the best stroller on the market.  We even like it better than some of the super high end strollers our friends have had.  If you travel with kids, it’s especially great in airports, going through security, and for one-handed use at gate check when you’ve got your baby in your arms, too.  It gets the MyCuriousPlanet Seal of Approval and we recommend it to all of our family and friends.

best stroller

There is a nice basket and a mesh pocket on the back of the seat. Other great accessories are available.

Funny but true… a couple of months ago, when my son was 2 3/4, I gave our first orange City Mini to a friend who is expecting.  We rarely used it anymore and I thought I could get by with one of our stroller umbrellas.  As soon as I gave it away, however, I realized my error.  I still need a stroller for our summer 2014 travel plans and no other stroller will do so… we’re on City Mini Green!   My son is so excited to have a new color.  He loves this stroller as much as I do!

What do you think is the best stroller?  Do you have a City Mini by Baby Jogger?  We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below!






Occasionally, companies send me products to demo.  This in no way affects my opinion and I will only recommend products that my son and I truly love… products that we also recommend to our family and friends!  

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