Tahiti Village Las Vegas

And the Best Las Vegas Family Hotel is…

The MyCuriousPlanet crew has been making its way around the globe, checking out the best of the best in family friendly spots for tots.  This is our 1st segment of the (unbiased and unpaid) Best Family Hotels series. We’ll start with… Tahiti Village in Las Vegas!

Vegas is a changed city.  The once unrepentant Sin City has turned over a new leaf and now appeals to a wider audience… including families with young, school aged, and teenage children.  So come on mom and dad!  Pack your things and live it up in Vegas, family-style.  To get your plans started, here is the 1st MyCuriousPlanet recommendation for our favorite Las Vegas family hotel, Tahiti Village. 

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

Tahiti Village provides sand toys for their pool beach.  The water is also very shallow for half the pool!


Tahiti Village on S. Las Vegas Blvd is a new discovery of ours.  My best friend lives in Vegas so we usually visit a couple of times a year.  We just left this place and are fairly sure it will be our go-to hotel for all future family trips to Vegas.  Why is it so great?  There are many reasons but to name a few…

  • An awesome lazy river with waterfalls
  • No rental fees for tubes or pool chairs and the pool food is reasonable priced.
  • A big shallow swimming poolCir that has a beach with sand toys for the kids.
  • Daily activities for both kids and adults (think crafts, bubbles, yoga, volleyball, sand castle contests, poolside movie night and more).
  • A free shuttle that takes you to the strip.
  • A kitchenette or full kitchen, depending on which room you choose.
  • A Denny’s on premise and other family friendly restaurants within close walking distance.
  • A free 24-hour fitness center, free wifi , a cook-it-yourself BBQ area, and free parking.
  • No casinos = No cigarette smoke so the place smells great… like Tahiti!
  • An adult-only spa area and 24-hour hot tub.
  • The staff are very friendly and helpful and the grounds are beautiful.

In addition to all these amenities, the rooms are nice, beds are comfortable and you can save some more money and time by cooking your own food in the room or outside at the BBQ pits (where they clean up after you – but of course be courteous to the staff).  Tahiti Village has a minimal resort fee when compared to other Las Vegas hotel resorts ($13 a day) and it takes care of all the above amenities so you don’t have to carry around cash or feel nickel-n-dimed.

Some things they could work on…

It would have been nice to have a list of resort approved nanny or day care services to call when we wanted to go out at night.  You’ll need to research your own, however, before the trip.

At the pool, when a mama orders her adult-only, lava flow (hehe), it’d be nice to have a ‘fancy’ virgin drink option for her kid.  All they were able to offer our 3-year old was a pineapple juice and of course, he was bummed he couldn’t taste my cool red drink.

Another thing to note is that Tahiti Village is partially a family hotel resort and partially a time share owners resort.  No, they didn’t try to sell us a time share but since we were there the week after school started, we did see many splendid seniors, living it up Vegas style.  It’s not your steroid body or candy girl pool scene.  It was really fun and everyone was very friendly.  During typical holiday breaks, you’ll likely see more families and young couples, though.

So, checkout Tahiti Village if you go to Vegas with your family.  We recommend it without payment or compensation of any kind… just because we liked it and think you and your family will, too!  We’ll continue working on hotel recommendations from Las Vegas and around the globe.  Our lineup won’t include the top trending hotels but will be suited for kids of all ages, have convenience built-in and be friendly to a family budget.

Do you have a favorite family hotel in Vegas or another city?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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