Extrañamos Cuba

Esta noche terminé mi tercer FORO sobre Cuba para mi clase de español.  ¡ Extrañamos Cuba ! Hacer esa tarea me hizo extrañar mucho a Cuba. Normalmente, no me enamoro de un país. Tampoco pienso tanto en lugares que he visitado. Tal vez las décadas de misterio detrás de Cuba lo hagan más atractivo. O tal vez sea la gente fantástica, la comida deliciosa, los precios económicos o los hermosos paisajes. Algo también me hace preguntarme si podría… More

Yes, Family Cruises are a Great Way to Travel with Kids

Are you new to family travel and looking for something manageable?  Or are you maybe just wanting a vacation where you are completely spoiled?  Either way, a family cruise is the way to go. It can be an intimidating change, going from childless travel to traveling with children.  Some parents can jump in headfirst but if you’re the type that needs a bit more coaxing, we have the perfect solution for you… book one of the many… More


Why Spain Rocks for Toddler Travel

Looking for an ideal place to travel with your toddler?  One of our current favorites is Spain, along the Costa Brava and Barcelona region!  Here’s why… When traveling abroad with your lil ones, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the best places to take toddlers.  Well, let me give you a suggestion now… Spain Rocks for Toddlers!  My lil guy and I recently spent a month on the Costa Brava coast and in Barcelona and… More