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Looking for Real Mom Travel Advice?

One of the best ways for moms to learn is by collecting the experiences of other mothers.  When I started to travel with my baby, I quizzed adventurous friends and searched travel forums, looking for travel advice from other parents.  What I found was mostly, wait for it… mom travel advice. Haha

mom travel advice

Moms give the best advice on traveling with kids!

It may have just been the sources I stumbled on but moms seem to be the organizers, family vacation planners, and best source of advice for traveling with kids.  I’m sure there are some wanderlust dads, grandparents and other caregivers out there who take the kids out, too, but, I just didn’t seem to find their blogs.

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do with my little boy.  If there’s one thing we’ve definitely learned in all of our travels, it’s that all families travel in different ways.  Makes sense, huh, since different things work for different families?  Let’s take a look at some mom travel advice from real traveling moms!

Mom Travel Advice from Jill in Illinois

My two favorite ways to travel with the kids are cruises and vacation home rentals! Cruises are convenient because you can travel to multiple places while not having to worry about multiple flights/car seats and lugging luggage place to place… You and your kids are entertained along the way to each destination! Vacation home rentals are nice because you have all the comforts of home in an awesome location! We take a road trip during the summer, about 900 miles each way to stay at a friend’s family beach house.  I think my kids have a better time there than at Disney! We bring stuff from home but the house comes fully stocked with beach stuff. When we pull into town we grab our groceries we will need for the week and head to the house. I love it!

Mom Travel Advice from Monica in California

We haven’t travelled a whole lot with our kids but I have to say that “all-inclusive” made it very easy when we went to Playa Del Carmen. It was our first all-inclusive and definitely not our last. The convenience of everything paid for up front or charging back to the room with our bracelet made such a difference. Didn’t have to carry my wallet or worry about dropping money or credit cards.

Mom-to-Be Travel Advice from Martha in Arizona

I like to wander around big walkable cities with Al, I think this could be a kid-friendly thing to if there are kid things along the way (which most big cities do have).  I took my niece on a couple of day trips.  Right now, for long drives, we play car games so she concentrates on other things and doesn’t get carsick.

Mom Travel Advice from Lyndsay in British Columbia

I’ve taken my little monster to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba and we are currently in Colombia. We backpack mostly, taking buses or taxis, but a few times have rented a car or hired drivers. I think hiring cars is a great way to travel, especially when you have really little ones who need to pee RIGHT NOW. lol. Also hiring cars gives you more freedom. Kids can nap easily in the car, etc. We just returned our car and are bussing it in Columbia now. I like that as well. It gives my son a good look at the less fortunate, less sanitary side of a country and is a great way to experience new foods and meet local people.

Mom Travel Advice from April in Missouri

We took the girls to Beaches resort in Jamaica. They loved it and it was very kid-friendly. The staff knew my girls by name after the first day. They had kid programs and night shows that welcome family participation, such as dancing.

Mom Travel Advice from Elizabeth in California

We took our daughter to Australia two summers ago and traveled by plane and bus so we didn’t need a car seat. We did rent a car to go to the Great Ocean Road and rented a car seat for those two days. Australia is awesome for kids; it’s super family-friendly! (There is a splash pool in Cairns that’s amazing.) 
We just bought tickets for the UK and Ireland for this summer and are planning to take buses, trains and planes to get around, again. Wish us luck getting our 8-week olds passport in time. 🙂

Do you have any mom travel advice to share with us?  We’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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