Easy Thanksgiving Crafts the Family Will Love

There is tons of fun to be had on Thanksgiving.  Yes, Thanksgiving… that unnoticed bump between the bigger spending holidays of Halloween and Christmas!  These Thanksgiving crafts will help you keep the warmth of the season in your families tradition.

Holiday season 2014 is closing in and I’m sure we’ve all already noticed all the Christmas decorations and sales going up… Wait!  Stop.  Let’s back-up and take a moment to have some fun with Thanksgiving before we launch into Christmas.  Poor Thanksgiving… it seems like you’re neglected more and more every year.  Families can still fall in love with Thanksgiving, though.  Even if you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, the richness of the holiday can be found with Thanksgiving crafts, delicious foods, love, and laughter!

Here are our top 3 favorite Thanksgiving crafts for 2014.

Thanksgiving CraftsThe Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath – A simple design of glue and paper, a Thanksgiving wreath is fun to make in any size.  Your little ones will delight in having a papa, mama, grandparent, or sibling wreath to hang next to theirs!  For older kids, you can deepen the meaning by having them write what they’re thankful for on each hand… it’s a perfect Thanksgiving craft.

Autumn TreeAn Autumn Tree – Little kids love paint and there’s not much easier than a piece of paper and a Q-tip paint brush to set an afternoon off right.  We love the idea of an Autumn Tree for a Thanksgiving craft but this can easily be transformed into more elaborate Thanksgiving pictures, such as turkeys, attempts to honor Native American art or representations of things your children are thankful for.

SportsTurkeyThe Sporty Turkey – Another great tradition that may center around your Thanksgiving celebration may be FOOTBALL!  If you’ve got a sports-minded family, this sporty turkey may be just the perfect Thanksgiving craft and the thing you need to bring a smile to everyone’s face.  We found this one, and many other cool crafts, on CraftyMorning and had to add them to our Pinterest boards to follow!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that should stand on its own.  Unfortunately, the holiday buying madness has swamped it in the public eye.  You can still keep it alive in your own home, though, with some Thanksgiving crafts and cheer!

What do you and your family do for Thanksgiving?  Have any special Thanksgiving Crafts to recommend?  We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

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