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Cool & Refreshing Ideas for Summer Vacation

Across the country, schools are shutting their doors for the summer and letting flocks of kids out on the streets… to terrorize the unsuspecting community and their calm, peaceful families.  Ok, I’m kidding!  But seriously, now that summer is here, we will soon find ourselves with a houseful of bored kids.  If you’re like me, half of your friends have plans soon and the other half is still scratching their heads, trying to decide on something fun and unique for their summer vacation.

Regardless of your family budget, there’s fun to be had.  You just have to decide on some basics like:

  • Stay local, domestic or go abroad?
  • Focus on fun, learning or a bit of both?
  • Plane, train or automobile?
  • Break the bank or keep spending conservative?
  • AirBnB, Home Swapping, Resorts, or Hotels?

This year, try to surprise your kids with travel ideas that are refreshing and cool.  Instead of taking the same trip you have in the past or having pictures that look just like the neighbors, take these summer vacation ideas into consideration:

summer vacation

Survival camps will bring families closer while teaching valuable skills.

1)      Skill-building destinations for summer vacation.
The idea that you can wrap learning and fun into one cleverly disguised summer vacation package is my favorite way to plan.  Watch your family grow closer as they work together to learn basic skills they can use their whole life.  There are so many interestingly awesome skill destinations to choose, too, including dude ranches, working farms, survival schools, numerous crafting camps, and even Space Camp!

summer vacation

Bugs can be fun, too!

2)      Travel based on a family hobby.
You know your family best so think about what bring you all together so use this information when planning your next adventure.  Are you avid baseball fans or do you like Geocaching together?  Are you all theater nuts or super interested in the lifecycle of caterpillars?  Only you know what would best suit your hobby themed summer vacation!

3)      Volunteer during summer vacation.
If your children are of that they need to learn how fortunate they are, there’s no better way to spend their summer vacation than by helping others.  Check with your local clubs or churches to find local volunteer opportunities or look into family volunteering abroad and “make your mark on the world”.

summer vacation

Atlantis is the family vacation destination of a lifetime!

4)    Find Established stress-free family destinations.

If you are looking for an escape from your hectic work schedule or just like to have things already arranged for you, there are a multitude of destinations that will have everything set-up and ready to go for your summer vacation.   Some of our favorite family resorts includes camping at Yosemite or spending big and heading off to the amazing Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

5)      Switch gears to a water filled summer vacation.
Grab a boat and set sail to send your family off to the deep blue.  This could be as simple as renting a houseboat for a week on your local lake or a bit more elaborate in taking a cruise or chartering a sailboat to explore the Caribbean.

The Great Wall makes an interesting family vacation!

The Great Wall makes an interesting family vacation!

6)      The Great Wonders are always a good choice.
Chasing the Great Wonders is a great theme for all future summer vacation travels.  You can even pick your Wonder based on your family style since there are so many lists going now.  Are you more interested in The Great Wonders of the Ancient World, New World, Natural World or the much less known Great Wonders of the Underwater World?

You’d be surprised to learn that some trips abroad, if planned well, can cost less than a domestic adventure.  If you’re willing to do a little research into the matter before your summer vacation, you can get so much for so little.  Without any compensation or side perks involved, we recommend sites like LoveHomeSwap for house exchange vacations, Kayak for their interactive map that lets you explore where you can go for how much on your desired time frames, and TravelZoo for their Top 20 and Last Minute deals.

It’s easy to get caught up in the many choices and worry about planning the perfect summer vacation but with the ideas listed above, you’re sure to hit a home run!  Test one out this or next summer to keep things fresh and exciting!

For tips on staying cool during the heat of summer travel, click here and read our next blog!

What are you doing this summer?  We’d love to hear about your upcoming or past summer vacation plans in the comments below!  Also, please don’t hesitate to comment if you have questions about any of the above information. 🙂 

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