Traveling with Children

Busting Misconceptions of Traveling With Children

Traveling With Children

Traveling With Children is not difficult like everyone tells you!

Hello, hello… is anybody out there?! ūüôā Welcome to My Curious Planet, a website dedicated to providing tips on traveling with children, sharing inspirational stories on traveling with children and just generally busting the misconception that traveling with children is not fun. ¬†It’s a loving, fun, offbeat world where life and travel do¬†not have to be put on hold just because you decide to have a child. ¬†This is a misconception that I heard through most of my life and frankly, was one of the reasons I waited so long to have kids. ¬†Now, I want to share with other parents that you can have as much fun traveling with kids as you can traveling alone.

My life started in a small town in the Midwest. ¬†It was a great childhood but a little cut off from global curiosities. ¬†Some of my friends started families pretty quickly out of school (though definitely not everyone did) and then half would declare that life ends after marriage and children and half would declare they were happy as can be with lil desire to leave our little town. ¬†It’s awesome that that worked for them but I always felt like I didn’t quite fit. ¬†I wanted to see the world. ¬†When the girls around me were pregnant in their early 20s, I was studying Spanish in Costa Rica, alone. ¬†When their kids were starting kindergarten, I was backpacking SE Asia. ¬†Did I love kids? ¬†Sure, I did. ¬†Did I want kids? ¬†Of course! ¬†But to tell the truth, I was afraid to have them. ¬†I’d always heard that ‘kids change everything’ and ‘you won’t be traveling anymore after you have a baby’ and I was terrified to give up my freedom, spontaneity and ability to travel. ¬†Older parents would literally LAUGH at me when I told them I didn’t think that had to be true. ¬†It turns out, they were right AND I was right. ¬†Life DOES change after children (for the better) but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel and enjoy the world with your child. ¬† That was a huge misconception.

traveling with children

Stretched out in the empty seat next to us.

Were all of those warnings I heard simply the result of a parent not having the confidence in their abilities?  Did they not prioritize education through travel?  Or did they simply not think it was worth it?

Basically, I am here to reassure mothers and families out there that life and travel do not have to end after you have a baby.  In fact, traveling with your child can be a more enriching and fun vacation than any you had when you were young and free!  It may teach you as much as it teaches them.

Do you enjoy traveling with children?  Please share your experiences, tips or ideas in the comments below!

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Susan D and her son are frequent travelers who travel together often, just the two of them. With this blog, they hope to inspire others to travel with their kids as often as possible and realize it's not as hard or expensive as it seems.
At the age of 7, Ian has been to 27 countries with his mama and on over 100 airplane rides. He is curious about foods, sights, and culture around the world. He and his mama believe that traveling provides an education that cannot be matched!

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