books that help prepare toddlers for airline travel

Books That Help Prepare Toddlers for Airplane Travel


When you’re getting ready for a family vacation or holiday trip that requires some airplane travel, it may be a good idea to prepare your toddler with a few books about airports and vacation planning.  Books like these are usually inexpensive and can go a long way towards reducing stress and anxiety for kids in a new situation.  In fact, there are many great books that help prepare toddlers for airplane travel on Amazon for less than $5 (and most of that is shipping).

  1. Up, Up, Up by Susan Reed – Does your little traveler prefer reading or singing?  With this amazing little book by Barefoot Books, you won’t have to pick one. It’s one of the helpful books that help prepare toddlers for airplane travel through reading and music and is accompanied by a DVD!  My son and I received Up, Up, Up as a gift when he was only 1-year old and it has become our favorite song to sing when we take-off on an airplane.  Though it’s about going up in a hot air balloon, the words are perfect for airplane travel, as well.  We enjoy the Barefoot Book series and the music that goes with it.
  2. Airport by Byron Barton – Bright, colorful pages await a curious little mind and are perfect for tiny travelers from preschool to 3rd grade.  This cheerful book features bold illustrations that manage to thoroughly showcase a trip through the airport and onto a plane.  It even explains what happens to luggage after you drop it off. Prepare your young children in advance so they won’t be afraid of the airport or airplane when they arrive.
  3. My First Trip on an Airplane (Growing Up) by Vic Parker – If your family style leans more towards the realism than cartoon, you’ll love the way this book and the whole series of Growing Up addresses common, sometimes scary situations that kids need to face.  My First Trip on an Airplane uses real photographs to take kids, step-by-step, through events that adults may have forgotten can be stressful, like airport security and take-off.
  4. My Picture Atlas (Smart Kids) by Roger Priddy – Little ones soak up information so quickly and love a challenge so before your next trip, introduce them to My Picture Atlas.  They’ll love the laminated pull out country-finder maps, the photographs and all the facts about US States and countries around the world.  Though it’s best suited for ages 5-10, some toddler love having the facts read aloud while looking at the colorful and interesting pictures.  This is definitely a great first reference book and another one of the best books that help prepare toddlers for airplane travel, be it domestic or international.

    Books That Help Prepare Toddlers for Airplane Travel

    Great books that help prepare toddlers for airplane travel may also tell about happy grandparents waiting to meet them when they land.

  5. My First Airplane Ride by Patricia Hubbell – Whether you’re young or old, getting on an airplane for the first time can be very exciting.  My First Airplane Ride is one of the ideal books that help prepare toddlers for airplane travel.  It takes pre-school thru Grade 1 kids through the process of getting ready for their first airplane ride, starting with packing a suitcase and getting to the airport  and then goes through every step required to get on the plane.  It even features a happy grandma waiting at the landing gate.  This is a quick read and can definitely help your little one know what to expect before their first airplane ride.

Sometimes, we adults forget how scary a common situation is to our little ones.  Books that help prepare toddlers for airplane travel can help them adjust quickly to all of the tasks involved in getting ready for and going on vacation.

What are some of your favorite books that help prepare toddlers for airplane travel?

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