Protest Art

Introducing My Son to Global Protest Art

Yesterday, I started going through my ASU Fall class lineup and pulled up a YellowDig post for an upper-division LST course I’m taking. It featured art from JR, a global artists who is famous for his protest art. He’s done amazing work on a variety of social issues around the world, from the Palestine Israel conflicts to the USA Mexico border wall. You can follow JR and his amazing works on his Instagram. A while later, as… More

Extrañamos Cuba

Esta noche terminé mi tercer FORO sobre Cuba para mi clase de español.  ¡ Extrañamos Cuba ! Hacer esa tarea me hizo extrañar mucho a Cuba. Normalmente, no me enamoro de un país. Tampoco pienso tanto en lugares que he visitado. Tal vez las décadas de misterio detrás de Cuba lo hagan más atractivo. O tal vez sea la gente fantástica, la comida deliciosa, los precios económicos o los hermosos paisajes. Algo también me hace preguntarme si podría… More

mantener la calma habla español

Mantener la calma y aprender español :-)

Si bien el coronavirus continúa causando estragos en los Estados Unidos, los viajeros estadounidenses deben aceptar que viajar no será posible hasta la primavera de 2021 o más. Esto incluye a mi niño pequeño y a mí. Queríamos viajar a un país de habla hispana para reforzar nuestro español, pero ahora, tenemos que pensar fuera de la caja. También tenemos que mantener la calma y aprender español. jaja ¿Entonces qué estamos haciendo? Nos conectamos a Internet y… More

The design of Teatro America was marvelous!

Un nuevo capítulo en español! My New Spanish Blog

Hola a todos, me llamo es Susana y yo he estudiado español en ASU desde el otoño pasado. Ahora estoy empezando a escribir un blog en español para SPA314 … ¡momentos divertidos! Entonces … ha pasado un tiempo desde que visité, escribí o incluso pensé en mi blog. Cuando comencé a trabajar en línea, tener un pasatiempo que también me hace sentar frente a una computadora escribiendo perdió su atractivo. Pero estoy de vuelta! Y voy a intentar… More

Cuba with kids

How to Conquer Havana With Kids (and not break the bank)

UPDATE June 2019 – the Trump administration has removed most, if not all, Obama-era travel easements to Cuba.  Though actual travel to Cuba is safe and amazing, please check current political allowances before planning your trip. Last year, for part of our summer vacation, I decided to take my little boy to Cuba.  I wasn’t sure that Cuba would be family-friendly but from the pictures and reading I’d done, I didn’t see why it wouldn’t.  It offers… More

Kid-Friendly Things For Kids in Phoenix

Uncommon Things For Kids To Do in Phoenix

Traveling with kids can be much more of an adventure than traveling with friends or your significant other.  Little ones can bring out the curiosity and exploration in everything (if you put away the electronics, that is). So with a kid’s curiosity and adventure in mind, here is the first installment of a three-part series on “Unique Things Kids Will Enjoy In Arizona”! Unique Things For Kids To Do in Phoenix, Arizona Since Phoenix is Arizona’s capital… More

9 Ways to Educate Children Through Travel (and see the world through their eyes)

When you educate children through travel, you’ll be able to experience the world through their eyes! My first travel adventure was taken at the ripe old age of 19.  I was young and free, and decided, much to my parents dismay, to book a solo trip to SE Asia.  I met some college exchange friends there and stayed for a month, mostly in Malaysia.  After growing up in a Missouri town of only 200 people and having… More

4th of July Fun

5 Awesome 4th of July Ideas for Kids (to do at home)

Are you looking for some 4th of July ideas for kids?  Something that will tear their eyes away from the latest iPad game or their favorite cartoon?  We have a list of precious Pinterest ideas that the whole family will love! 1) Idea number one comes from Heidi at  She and her boys decided to whip up some firework painting fun, and it looks like they had a good time doing it.  This is a great… More

travel with kids in colombia

Traveling with Kids in Colombia – a 4 yr old and mom conquer Colombia

Got questions about traveling with kids in Colombia?  Well, my loco 4-year old and I just took on Colombia… and loved it!  Now we’re ready to share some advice and of our experiences with you. If you’ve read some of my random blogs, you likely know that my lil guy and I travel… kinda a lot.  Still, even though we’re pretty experienced, the idea of trekking through Colombia made me nervous (I’m the mom, btw – though… More

3-year old

7 Reasons Moms Should Travel Alone with the Kids (and sure, dads too!)

Curious what it would be like to travel alone with the kids?  Before mental images of tears and lost teddy bears fill your mind, try these 7 reasons you should do it on for size. Dad has to work and mom has time off.  Mom has to work and dad has time off.  The work schedule of your friends or family shouldn’t interfere with you and your children being able to travel… Before I became a mother,… More