A Little Girl and a Light Up Globe

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Get your children a globe lamp to spark global curiosity!

A little girl and a light-up globe, that’s what I think of most when I look back to my childhood.  Oh, there are many moments to remember but the ones I hold most dear to my heart involve my baby blue light-up globe, National Geographic magazines, and a set of World Book encyclopedias.  They were both gifts from my dad.  He was a school teacher who worked jobs in the summer to afford them for me.  My mom stayed home with me until kindergarten, teaching and loving me.  I had the ideal childhood, which may have contributed to my over-inflated sense of adventure… lol.

I was about 7 when I got my cherished globe.  It became my night light, my first look at the world as a whole, and the focus of my make believe life.  I spent many hours in front of it with my eyes closed.  My favorite game involved tightly shut eyes and a spinning globe.  It would go around and around until I finally dropped my finger down randomly, making it stop.  Before I’d open my eyes, I would declare, “I’m going to go HERE when I get big!” and then I’d open my eyes… mostly to find my finger stranded in the middle of some ocean.  lol  Undeterred, I’d keep playing until I found landed somewhere interesting and then daydream about the adventure to be found there (or bust open the encyclopedia to learn more about it).

Fast forward a dozen years… I’m calling my mom and dad to get a copy of my birth certificate so I can get my first passport!  Much to my small town, never traveled parents dismay, I was going to fly (alone) to Malaysia for a month, to visit some friends who had graduated and moved home.  At the ripe age of 19, I was going to spread my wings and take my first leap into the unknown.  I was beyond ecstatic.

Fast forward many more years and I’m now a mother who’s passion and purpose in life is to give my son the adventure and curiosity of the real globe.  At two months old, he had his passport.  Before he turned 3, he had been on more than two dozen plane rides and to several countries with me… mostly alone, just him and me.

How do we do it?  Well, I guess I’ll take this one blog at a time…

But I’ll tell you this now… it all started with a little girl and a light up globe.  🙂

About Susan D

Curious Minds, Adventurer Hearts
Susan D and her son are frequent travelers who travel together often, just the two of them. With this blog, they hope to inspire others to travel with their kids as often as possible and realize it's not as hard or expensive as it seems.
At the age of 7, Ian has been to 27 countries with his mama and on over 100 airplane rides. He is curious about foods, sights, and culture around the world. He and his mama believe that traveling provides an education that cannot be matched!

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