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5 Awesome 4th of July Ideas for Kids (to do at home)

Are you looking for some 4th of July ideas for kids?  Something that will tear their eyes away from the latest iPad game or their favorite cartoon?  We have a list of precious Pinterest ideas that the whole family will love!

1) Idea number one comes from Heidi at HappinessIsHomemade.net.  She and her boys decided to whip up some firework painting fun, and it looks like they had a good time doing it.  This is a great reminder that recycling things that other consider trash, can lead to a lot of happiness.

4th of july ideas for kids

2) Our next great 4th of July idea for kids is a treat idea from FrugalGal.  Fourth of July Fruit Kabobs?  What’s next?  Nothing can be better for your family than a fun-to-make, healthy, and tasty treat.  It’s 4th of July theme really ties it all in, making it an excellent choice for all of your budding chefs (or your kids who just like good food).

fruit kabob 4th of july3) For Independence Day idea number three, we get to take a trip on the adorable side of life with these life sized sidewalk chalk interpretations of American classics.  I think this activity would be a hit for any age, even parents will like it!  Thanks for posting this on Pinterest, HeartOfDeborah, we really love this one!

4th of july ideas for kids4) Here’s one that I meant to do this year but just didn’t get around to… awesome 4th of July paint shirts for kids.  ThisGrandmaIsFun really shows off her skills and helps give parents some crafty ideas for fun with the family.  Next year, next year I’ll for sure do this shirt for my lil guy!

paint shirts kids 4th of july5) Are your kids afraid of sparklers?  Mine are.  So I want to give a big shout-out to LoveToDreamDoYou for this awesome hand protecting sparkler idea.  It will help many kids have a much better fireworks experience!

4th of july ideas for kids

What are your favorite 4th of July ideas for kids? We’d love to hear your idea in the comments below!


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